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The Power of Community on LinkedIn

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

I 💙 my LinkedIn community. Working for myself, I make daily visits to LinkedIn to see what people are up to and to learn from others. It helps me stay connected and also expands my thinking and awareness.

Earlier this month, I posed this question on LinkedIn: How has community contributed to your professional or personal growth or goal setting? The responses inspired me. From how people define community to what they give to and get from their community, the power of community is STRONG!

Check out their stories below.

"My view of community has broadened significantly in the last view years. My time as a Starbucks Partner shaped and influenced my appreciation for being at service to my local community/neighborhood and the pandemic realized my understanding of what it means to have a personal community, and how important that is. In short, as I have started a consulting business, one of my goals is to dedicate 20% of my time to working with my neighborhood community, and support the local businesses and organizations that have faced significant challenges in Seattle, and are fighting hard to be successful." RaNae Vodder, RaNae Vodder Consulting

"Community can ebb & flow as we need it and as we nurture it. There are many people who are ready to help or who are in the mix often when might not be fully aware of them. Community thrives when we prioritize its needs, but it is resilient when tested. Community rises to the occasion to celebrate, support and solve all kinds of life’s challenges. But community can wither… if we don’t care for ourselves… love ourselves, see ourselves in others, seek joy…. Community is in its essence a mirror to us/of us. It is a reflection of what we value, what we want to nurture & how we want to be in the world. I think about community- all of my communities, often. I strive for better … in me & those around me. I treasure those around me & want to celebrate our collective successes." Marie Gill, Executive Networks

"Community is the reason for my personal and professional growth! Without having a strong community, I wouldn't have received feedback & advice to help me grow. My community keeps it real with me on what's attainable & what isn't, as well as providing motivation for things I think can't get done by having them believe in me. I can honestly say I wouldn't be where I am today without my community." Chase Coleman, Amazon and creator of The Corporate Chase.

"Community is an essential part of our well-being, and when we feel supported and championed by those around us we are inspired and motivated to take more risks knowing people have our backs. This is especially important for women. Jacqueline Wales, Transformational Strategies for Success"

"I see myself as a member of so many different communities and they bring so much to how I see myself and situations. I guess to keep it short one of the things I've recognized is the choice to be 'in communion'.. to actively create community. I think it's easy to take part in a community or take from a community, but to actively create community is a choice that sometimes I shy from (I feel too tired... I'm not feeling it...enter another excuse here...). I get the most from community when I'm creating it, when I'm contributing to it. Even when I'm 'leaning on my community' if I'm doing it in an active way I think I'm still growing because I'm exercising being vulnerable (which I'm told not to do) and I'm giving those around me an opportunity to be in community with me." Chris Anibarro, Intentional Futures

"For me personally my community has been my support system in my transition from marketing exec to coach. When I questioned myself my community reminded me of my strengths, cheered me on and opened doors with referrals, contacts and opportunities. The examples are numerous (you Christine have given me so much) and it’s why I feel so strongly about giving my time and energy right back. It’s a beautiful cycle." Jennifer Dimaris, Jennifer Dimaris Coaching

I first captured the power of community through sports in college. So many student athletes in one place lending a hand to one another across training, competition, academics, etc was pretty inspiring, especially in retrospect. It didn’t matter the sport, the student athlete community as a whole was wildly collaborative. Professionally, community has helped me in more ways than I can describe in words. Through LinkedIn in particular, I’ve gotten every single internship and job to date, all which were the result of relationships and people I met/DM’d on this platform. I’ve met friends who have taught me new skills & introduced me to evolving areas of the industry, or potential functions I may want to explore down the road. I’ve met mentors, private community/slack group organizers, potential future employers and collected so much impactful feedback on my writing/content through the community here as well." Caroline McMorrow, Freelance Partnerships + Content Strategy Consulting

How has community contributed to your professional or personal growth or goal setting? Log in to post your comments. I'd love to hear from you!

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