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You'll Never Know What Might Happen if You Don't Try

There's a story behind this book signing I did at Pike Place Market at Seatown restaurant in June, 2021, when I released From Barista to Boardroom.

As I planned out my book launch tour, I knew that I wanted to have a book signing in Pike Place Market. The history of Starbucks is rooted in this historical district of Seattle and so were my early days with the company. It was a place all new partners (Starbucks term for employees) stopped in for a coffee tasting and to see where it all began.

But having an event at the Pike Place Starbucks was out of the question - the store is too crowded and my book might have been a wee bit controversial at the time. Even though I wrote was about my own personal life and career experience during my time at Starbucks, it wasn't always full of just "ups" or pleasant memories which made some people uncomfortable.

So I researched other potential venues in the market but none had the Pike Place visibility I coveted and I couldn't just show up on the corner of 1st and Pike with a table and chair. The market has strict use case and permitting requirements to retain its authenticity and heritage. 

After wracking my brain, I got an idea to reach out to Tom Douglas, owner of many well known and appreciated restaurants in Seattle. One of his restaurants, Seatown, was at the north end of Pike Place on the street level and Tom was my customer when I was a Starbucks sales rep 30 YEARS AGO. He replied to my email request that same day and the rest is history.

A great reminder that you never know what happens if you don't try.

I never intended to be a published author and I didn't expect that writing would be such a meaningful outlet for me but it helps me process, grow and generate new ideas.

As a personal development project, I wanted to learn how to tell a story, be relatable to others and create characters people could picture in their mind. 

What I never expected would happen was:

  • My pet project would become a bestseller in several categories on Amazon

  • I'd meet people from all over the world who learned about my book on LinkedIn

  • I'd be interviewed for over a dozen podcasts and be invited to endless speaking engagements (still happening to this day)

All to say (again), you never know what will happen if you don't try.

This month, I'll be celebrating the third year of having my book in print and sharing stories about what could happen if you try on my LinkedIn page.  Follow along if you are so inclined.

P.S. In case you're wondering when my next book will be coming out. I don't know yet. But, I already have a title for it  - "Unfurled". What does unfurling mean to you? What would you want to read about in my next book? Drop me a line at

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