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My Most Important Coaching Client

Last month, I became the parent of a bonafide voting, tax paying legal adult. A friend of mine put it best to me in a text: "You raised an adult human. Amazing!"

She's right, it is amazing.

Being a parent has been by far the most rewarding and challenging job I've ever had and has helped me become a better coach and leader at work.

It's been the perfect case study for the principles of situational leadership and servant leadership, two philosophies I subscribe to and remain a student of to this day.

Here are some of my top leadership lessons learned from the last eighteen years of being a parent:

  • People like to be stretched and take on more responsibility, often before you think they are ready

  • You can never praise too much

  • Ask more than you tell and listen fully

  • Having someone set their own goals results in more ownership

  • Empathy strengthens the relationship

Cheers to more great coaching and parenting conversations in the years ahead!

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