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Are You Ready for Change?

Is anyone reading this NOT going through change at work, home or otherwise? 

Every single one of my clients is going through change. Some of the recent scenarios I've been working with include: 

  • A brand new leadership team coming together for the first time

  • A company who's staff doubled in size last year

  • A leader who realized it might be time to leave their current organization

  • A founder who's stepping out of the day to day to an elevated CEO role

  • An organization getting ready for a succession transition

My business has been built on helping leaders and organizations go "FROM" something, "TO" something in a way that is kind, authentic and is respectful to those around them and their organization's culture.

Any change or transition will have a higher degree of success if it's done with intentionality and planning which can be hard in our world of wanting to achieve results NOW. But a few hours up front will save a lot of time, heartache, stress and confusion in the long run.

My top tips for leading change or readying for a transition:

  1. Conduct a listening tour to ask people for their input

  2. Explain the "why" behind the changes

  3. Repeat the vision and then repeat it again

  4. Celebrate wins often

  5. Reinforce the behaviors and actions you want to see

  6. Articulate the "from - to" for the change

My colleague, RaNae Vodder, and I put together an awesome, proven package of tools, processes and coaching to support leader and team transitions with the goal of creating thriving cultures. Drop me a note if you'd like a copy of our recently released "4 Essential Conversations for Your Successful Leadership Transition".

Cheers to great change leadership!

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