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I'm Listening, Keep Sharing Please

My memoir, From Barista to Boardroom, was released two months ago and it’s been such a whirlwind!

Even though it’s available for purchase at several places, I’ve been paying vigilant attention to Amazon rankings and was shocked when it soared to bestseller status (even #1 at one point) the first couple of weeks. Never in my wildest dreams did I see that coming. And that’s all in thanks to YOU, my readers.

One of the biggest highlights of the book launch has been getting reacquainted with people I haven’t seen or talked with in years (or decades in some cases) and meeting others for the first time. I didn’t expect the book to be the connector that it has become, and I’m humbled that, in today’s busy life, people have chosen to spend their discretionary time reading my story and reflecting on their own as a result.

I’ve saved all the emails, texts and direct messages from readers sharing how my story impacted them such as this note I got from someone several weeks ago:

“I recently left my company after 22 years to follow my dream of becoming a couple and family therapist. Reading your book was one of the helpful catalysts for me to finally take the leap and bet on myself.”

The stories in the book also sparked empathy for and relatability to more personal issues like self-doubt and trying to hold it all together when it feels like things are falling apart:

“It's refreshing to read about self-doubt, insecurity, and anxiety from someone who seems so put together and on top of it all. It's a good reminder that we don't know what everyone is going through based on outward appearances and that successful people have emotional struggles too.”
“I got teary-eyed a few times, for the pain you suffered from shitty managers and parents who had their own issues they were dealing with, unable to give you the attention you and your brother so deserved. I could relate as my mom's a recovered alcoholic.”

On the career front, I’ve had plenty share feedback that my story helped them think through how to get unstuck and move their life and career forward:

“Your first chapter deepened my confidence on focus on changing my career and on the steps I have taken.”
“Thank you for chapter 14. It has sparked my own midlife clarity project. This beginning framework has me very excited and you know I’ve been circling this topic for a while. Your story made it a little clearer for me.”
“Fuck I needed to read this. I’ve been sorely underutilized and undervalued at work. I know why and it’s total bullshit... former terrible, fractured leadership.”

Finally, there are two other themes that have been played back to me over and over like a record stuck on repeat: 1) how companies can gracefully say thank you and exit employees and 2), how organizations can change norms around the value of time off to reinvigorate their workforce.

Messages like these highlighted the issues and tugged heavily on my heart strings:

“I left with my confidence shot and feeling like I’d been kicked out of my family even though I was the one who chose to leave. On my last day, there was no party or notice and if it hadn’t been for a coworker giving me a hug when I dropped of my computer, I would have left unnoticed.”
“I had a very similar experience - took a sabbatical when my marriage was falling apart and then was offered a bullshit role upon returning. I should have worked to leave ASAP (as you did) but everything else in my life was upside down. Instead, I got let go a year later…working for people I had no respect for. Ugh of an ending.”

There’s much opportunity for organizations and leaders to get better in this space and it’s not the last time you will hear from me on it.

So, what’s next for me? More writing for sure as well as some speaking engagements and podcast guesting.

I’m also still charging hard on Amazon reviews and my goal is to get 100 by the end of the year. If you haven’t done so yet please consider taking a few minutes to do so now – I’m a one-woman marketing machine and every bit helps!

Thanks for all you support and if there are themes from my book, you’d like to hear more from me, please email me at any time. I’d love to hear from you and I promise I'm listening. Warm regards,


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1 Comment

Linda Parr
Linda Parr
Sep 15, 2021

Totally enjoyed Julia's story. She sounds like an amazing woman. You should keep track of her, who knows where she will be next.

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