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Brooks Running Sets the Standard for Excellent Customer Service

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

I’m a fanatical about customer service and how even the smallest details matter. My recent experience with Brooks Running blew my mind.

On December 21, I noticed that my running shoes had a big crack in the sole (picture on the left below) and I had them less than a year and not put a ton of miles on them. I sent Brooks an email with a photo attached and didn’t have many expectations because I didn’t have the receipt and was outside the return window.

Three minutes later, I got this reply:


Frances (Brooks Runner Support)

Hi Christine‍!

Thanks for letting us know that your shoes haven't performed to our expectations, I appreciate the opportunity to make this right! I would love to replace these for you, however, this model of shoe has been updated and retired. I'm happy to send the new updated shoe, I just need to know what color you prefer! Please view the available colors by clicking the link below and reply with your favorite. As soon as I hear back your new shoes will be on their way! Click Here! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Frances Boyle Brooks Running Runner Experience Specialist


There were so many things I loved about this email:

  1. The email was from “Brooks Runner Support”, not some generic customer service name, immediately conveying that they were here for me.

  2. The quick reply. I was stunned because the original auto reply told me it could take 24 hours for them to reply and they underpromised and overdelivered (note that 24 hours is too long in my opinion – the world is moving much faster than that).

  3. Frances (the customer service rep) didn’t ask for more detail and used empathy right out the gate. They also noticed that the model had been updated which could have been a signal that my shoes were older than a year (they weren’t – I bought them in early February) but they offered to replace them, I just needed to choose a color. How fun is that! And they sent me a link to their website.

  4. Frances’ email was signed “Runner Experience Specialist”, again, signaling that they were here for me

I sent them my color preference and a backup just in case as it was possible that this model would be retired soon given that a new calendar year was approaching.

Here is Frances’ reply:


Frances (Brooks Runner Support)

Hi Christine‍!

Thanks for sending that over, great color choice! I have gone ahead and placed an order for a courtesy replacement pair! Your internal reference number is XXXXXXX. There won’t be tracking information available since this is an internal order but you can expect the package in 3 to 5 business days!

Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions. Happy Holidays!

Frances Boyle Brooks Running Runner Experience Specialist


And my love for Frances and Brooks deepened for these reasons:

  1. They affirmed my color choice.

  2. They sent me a reference number and clearly stated that it was not a tracking number.

  3. They offered me to reach out if I had any questions and wished me a happy holidays.

  4. My order arrived as they said it would (new shoes pictured on the right) – five days from when I sent the email.

The personalization, enthusiasm, responsiveness and follow through were what set Frances and Brooks apart. And I will never wear another running shoe in my life.

Great job Brooks!

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